Interview on BBC World Service

   Last week I recorded an interview with Gareth Mitchell who presents the BBC World Service's radio show "Click" (and who I discovered to be a Welsh speaker during the interview).   That show aired earlier today and is available now as a podcast from the BBC web site.

   There have also been several newspaper articles and blog posts about Indigenous Tweets over the last couple of weeks; I'm really happy about all the attention the site's been getting, particularly the interest that's been shown by the indigenous language communities it's meant to serve - thanks everyone!

   In particular, here's an article in Hebrew by Oded Yaron from the Haaretz newspaper, one in Russian by

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  1. I found an English translation of the Russian article: http://ijnet.org/blog/website-helps-connect-minority-languages-wider-world-twitter. The best I can do for the Hebrew article is a (pretty funny) translation by Google Translate.